1byone 300 LED Color Changing Strip

One thing that we have wanted to try out is some new lighting. We were looking for something that would be some great back lighting for us when we are filming. We wanted something that gave off a lot of light, but also something that we could control with dimming. The 1byone 300 LED Color Changing Strip comes with a 44 Key Remote. This light street comes in a 16.4ft (5M) 5050 SMD LEDs option. These lights will also last up to 50,000 hours.

LED Light Configuration

This light strip is a low power consumption that can give off an extremely bright LED, but runs with low temperature. Which is perfect because we have been looking for something that would do all of us. And having a light strip that can get a bright as this, but also have low temperature is a bonus. One thing that is a major positive is that the light spread, it is completely smooth and very even over the selected area. This works perfectly with our filming studio because the light will be contained in the area we want.


When we were looking for lights we originally weren’t looking for light strips. This one caught our eye because of everything it is offering, but one feature that stands out from the rest is you are able to cut the strip every 3-LEDS without damaging the rest strips. Sizes can be made according to your requirement and work area. After you cut these the back has an self-adhesive back with Adhesive tape for secure and easy installation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we thought that these lights were perfect for what we were trying to use them for. We loved how we were able to change the light to any color we could imagine and be able to make them as bright or dim as we wanted. Being able to cut the strips in the desired length we wanted and having an adhesive back was also a major positive for us. We would definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking for an extra light effect.

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