1byone Infinity Glow Desk Lamp

In my office I am always in need of some extra lighting. The can lights I have in the ceiling are nice, but sometimes they just don’t do the trick when I need some extra light when I’m working on things up close. The 1byone Infinity Glow desk lamp is the perfect addition to my home office. Because it has 28 LEDs and a 6 level dimmer, I am able to have the perfect light for whatever project I’m working on.

1byone Sleek Design

The 1byone Infinity is a Unique & Elegant Design that will look good in any office, home, or other settings you need a light in. This design is built to last because it combines a metal case and panel light with the silicon rubber base. This design is perfect to ensure your lamp will always be protected and secure. For a high end tech lamp, it is easy to use with a soft touch-Sensitive control panel on the base of the lamp.

What I found with this lamp is that it is extremely durable. The material is high quality ad and will definitely last you awhile. The LED panel will also last over 50,000hrs. There are 28 LEDs and a built-in 2000mAh high quality Li-Polymer battery. All you have to do is charge the lamp for 3 hours and it will give you up to 30 hours of run time.

What I really liked was the stand was incredibly adjustable and I was able to bend the lamp up to 180° in both directions. I also liked how there were plenty of different light modes that adjust the color Temperature into: Warm White, Cool White, and Neutral White. The 6-Level Dimmer can freely adjust the strength of brightness. Preserves your eyes at night by selecting a comfortable working or reading atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought that this high quality lamp was the perfect addition to my office. Having the ability of a 6 level dimmer comes in hand and also the ability if having 30 hours of light with a single charge. I also think that the materials that went into making the 1byone Infinity Glow is of high quality and will definitely last you through normal wear-and-tear.

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