1byone Vinyl Turntable

Since vinyl records came out way before I was born I was n never actually able to enjoy the beautiful music that they once made. Fortunately they have been making a massive come back. So much that people are now making modern day record players that are “portable” if you will. I am lucky enough to try out the 1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Stereo Turntable with built in portable speakers. I went out to a record store and got myself some records so I could test out how well the sound on this turntable would be. And I can honestly say I have never heard music just quite like this.

Internal Speakers

The main concern I had when I was getting this was, how would the sound be? Personally I thought that the sound was going to be terrible and that it would be a waste of time. To my surprise I thought that the internal speakers were pretty good and better than I anticipated them to be. They weren’t the best sound I have ever heard from a speaker, but they were still good quality. What you can do if you want them to be louder is connect some of your own Bluetooth speakers to the 3.5mm jack and you can get a clearer more vibrant sound.

Physical Build

Aside from the sound, the one thing that I concerned about was the physical build of the turntable. I have seen a lot of different ones on the market, some made of a strong material and others made from a cheap plastic. I got the black one and it is made a of a decent material. It is a harder material and it feels like a hard wood board. Which is fine with me because I want my turntable to be protected from any time of damage that might occur.

Turntable Features

As for features, the Auto Stop is rather nice. When I am playing the record I have yet to have the record skip on me. So I can easily say the record player is built well. One feature that I find unusual is the AUX IN, personally I think I would pass on having this because there is no real need for it. But I can see where it comes in handy when you want to hook up some Bluetooth speakers.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed using my first ever turntable, even if it was a modern day one. I thought that the sound was decent, but if you really wanted to you could hook up another speaker through the AUX in. I also thought that the material that went into making this was great and I have confidence that the record player will be protected if it gets dropped or if someone/thing hits it. Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you want to take a blast from the past and play some vinyl records!

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