Best Replacement Lamp For Sony Wega

Choosing the right replacement lamp for sony wega doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you've ever spent hours searching for the perfect replacement lamp for sony wega, you're not alone.

Among hundreds of brands and styles, it can be super difficult to find exactly what you're looking for without having to sort through hundreds of different models.

We've done the homework for you by reviewing hundreds of customers' feedback to determine the winners! From then on, our mission is to help you find your next replacement lamp for sony wega.

From basic to premium, we've got a wide selection that suits anyone on any budget.

List of Top 10 Replacement Lamp For Sony Wega

Review of Best Replacement Lamp For Sony Wega

1. LANMU Torch Canisters 16 oz, Bamboo Torch Refill Canister, Replacement Torch Fuel Canisters with Wicks and Covers, Outdoor Patio Torch for Luau Party, DIY Garden Torch Decor (4 Pack)

  • Premium Quality: The 16oz torch canister is made of premium metal, durable and lightweight. Designed with a wide mouth, easy to refill.
  • Convenient to Use: Premium metal cap, lightweight. High-quality wick can be burned for a long time.
  • Outside Torches Canister: Replacement refillable canisters are perfect fits outdoor garden, patio, backyard, porch, provides a warm ambiance for outside decoration ideas. (For outdoor use only.)
  • What you get: Includes 4 metal torch canisters (16 Ounce) with metal snuff cap, 8 torch wicks.

3. Factory Original SONY RMT-TX300P Universal Replacement TV Remote Control Substitute RMF-TX200U RMF-TX300U RMF-TX201U RMF-TX310U RMF-TX220U RMF-TX300B RMF-TX310B RMF-TX200B RMT-TX102U RMT-TX100U

  • Factory Original SONY RMT-TX300P Universal Replacement TV Remote Control Substitute: RMF-TX200U RMF-TX300U RMF-TX201U RMF-TX310U RMF-TX220U RMF-TX300B RMF-TX310B RMF-TX200B RMT-TX102U RMT-TX100U RMT-TX200B RMT-TX100B RMT-TX300U RMT-TX100D RMT-TX102D RMT-TX300E RMT-TX300P
  • XBR-55X805C XBR55X806E XBR-55X806E XBR55X807C XBR-55X807C XBR55X810C XBR-55X810C XBR55X850C XBR-55X850C XBR55X850D XBR-55X850D XBR55X850DS XBR-55X850DS XBR55X850S XBR-55X850S XBR55X855C XBR-55X855C XBR55X855D XBR-55X855D XBR55X857C XBR-55X857C XBR55X857D XBR-55X857D XBR55X857DS XBR-55X857DS XBR55X890C XBR-55X890C XBR55X900C XBR-55X900C XBR55X900E XBR-55X900E XBR55X905C XBR-55X905C XBR55X907C XBR-55X907C XBR55X930D XBR-55X930D XBR55X930E XBR-55X930E XBR65X700D XBR-65X700D XBR65X750D XBR-65X750D
  • XBR65X755D XBR-65X755D XBR65X757D XBR-65X757D XBR65X800C XBR-65X800C XBR65X805C XBR-65X805C XBR65X807C XBR-65X807C XBR65X809C XBR-65X809C XBR65X810C XBR-65X810C XBR65X850C XBR-65X850C XBR65X850D XBR-65X850D XBR65X850E XBR-65X850E XBR65X855C XBR-65X855C XBR65X855D XBR-65X855D XBR65X857D XBR-65X857D XBR65X890C XBR-65X890C XBR65X900C XBR-65X900C XBR65X900E XBR-65X900E XBR65X905C XBR-65X905C XBR65X907C XBR-65X907C XBR65X930 XBR65X930C XBR-65X930C XBR65X930D XBR-65X930D XBR65X930E XBR-65X930E
  • XBR65X935D XBR-65X935D XBR65X937D XBR-65X937D XBR65Z9D XBR-65Z9D XBR75X850C XBR-75X850C XBR75X850D XBR-75X850D XBR75X850E XBR-75X850E XBR75X855C XBR-75X855C XBR75X855D XBR-75X855D XBR75X857D XBR-75X857D XBR75X900C XBR-75X900C XBR75X900E XBR-75X900E XBR75X910C XBR-75X910C XBR75X930C XBR-75X930C XBR75X930D XBR-75X930D XBR75X940C XBR-75X940C XBR75X940D XBR-75X940D XBR75X940E XBR-75X940E XBR75X945C XBR-75X945C XBR75Z9D XBR-75Z9D XBR85X850D XBR-85X850D XBR85X855D XBR-85X855D XBR49X835D XBR-49X835D
  • XBR43X800D XBR-43X800D XBR43X800E XBR-43X800E XBR43X830C XBR-43X830C XBR48X800C XBR49X700D XBR-49X700D XBR49X705D XBR-49X705D XBR49X707D XBR-49X707D XBR49X750D XBR-49X750D XBR49X800C XBR-49X800C XBR49X800D XBR-49X800D XBR49X800E XBR-49X800E XBR49X830C XBR-49X830C XBR49X835C XBR-49X835C XBR49X835D KDL75W800C KDL-75W800C KDL75W850C KDL-75W850C KDL75W855C KDL-75W855C NP3151W PVGS19P PVGS31P PVGS32P PVGS35P KDL65W858C KDL-65W858C KDL65W859 KDL-65W859 KDL65W859C KDL-65W859C

5. Araca LMP-H210 Projector Lamp with Housing for Sony VPL-HW45ES VPL-HW65ES VPL-HW45EW Replacement Projector Lamp

  • Compatible Models: LMP-H210 with housing, fully tested before leaving the factory.
  • New type of luminescent electrode, perfect performance and compatibility, easy to light up your projector.
  • 5000 hours life, ECO mode longer life, 2000 lumens brightness.
  • Araca offers a 200-day warranty and if the bulb fails, we will immediately replace it for free or give you a refund.
  • Projector Model: VPL-HW45ES VPL-HW65ES VPL-HW45EW

6. VIQUA 602810-102 Lamp and Sleeve bundle for D Model Systems (D4, D4+, and D4 Premium)

  • Genuine VIQUA replacement parts
  • The VIQUA 602810-102 lamp and sleeve combination includes both the UV lamp and the protective quartz sleeve for the VIQUA D4 series of systems
  • ANNUAL LAMP CHANGE: After a year, UV light weakens and isn't strong enough to properly treat your water. Replacing your lamp annually with a genuine VIQUA lamp ensures optimal system performance
  • COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENT PART: The VIQUA 602810-102 is a replacement lamp and sleeve combo for VIQUA D4 systems - Used In Models D4, D4+, and D4 Premium

7. AWO Original UHP225W Lamp Bulb LMP-H220 with Housing for Sony VPL-VW285ES,VPL-VW385ES,VPL-VW295ES,VPL SX630,VPL SX631,VPL EW315,VPL EW435,VPL EX315,VPL-EX430,VPL-EX435,VPL-EX450,VPL-EX455,VPL-EX570

  • Replacement for UHP225W 0.8 E19.4 Original Projector Lamp Bulb with Housing
  • The Premium Replacement Lamp Provides Clear And Bright And Sharp Pictures For Home Theater, School Presentation, Business Meeting etc
  • AWO is Responsible For All The Item Descriptions And Coming With 180 Days Warranty And Lamp Lifetime About 2000-3000hours
  • All Lamps Will Be Test Before Delivery, All Messages Will Be Respond Within 24hours, Excellent Return Service And Friendly Customer Service

8. ALL-CARB 12-Pack 10ft 0.065 inch Replacement Spools, 1 Trimmer Cap Line Spool Replacement for Worx Trimmer WA0004 WA0010

  • The trimmer replacement spool replacement for multiple worx trimmer models: WG150, WG151, WG151.5, WG152, WG153, WG154, WG155, WG155.5, WG156, WG157, WG160, WG160.1, WG160.2, WG160.3, WG160.4, WG163, WG163.4, WG163.9, WG165, WG170, WG175, WG180
  • Aerodynamic shape allows less drag for more efficient cuts
  • 12 pack of 10-foot each helix design copolymer nylon resin and synthetic trimmer/edger line
  • The 100-pound tensile strength is flexible and flexible compared to the old line that only provides 68 pounds of strength, allowing the lines to stretch and cushion when the hard surface hits
  • Premium 10 ft./ 0.065 in. spool line and cap: 12 pack of 10ft each twisted copolymer nylon resin and synthetic trimmer/edger line, 1 pack trimmer cap

9. XL-2100 Replacement Projector lamp Compatible Bulb with Generic housing for KDF 42WE655; KDF 50WE655; KDF 60XBR950; KDF 70XBR950;KF 42SX300U; KF 42WE610; KF 42WE620; KF 50SX300; KF 50WE610

  • Compatible Lamp With Housing High Quality Replacement Bulb
  • TV Lamp for TV Models: KDF 42WE655; KDF 50WE655; KDF 60XBR950; KDF 70XBR950;KF 42SX300U; KF 42WE610; KF 42WE620; KF 50SX300; KF 50WE610; KF 50WE620; KF 60SX300; KF 60WE610; KF 60WE620; KF WE42S1

10. XL-2400 Replacement Lamp for Snoy kdf-e50a10 kdf-50e2000 kdf-e42a10 kdf-46e2000 kdf-55e2000 XL-2400u TV Replacement Lamp Bulb with Housing.

  • 100% new replacement TV lamp bulb
  • Lamp with housing, not only a bare bulb. Same as bright and durable lamp wick as the original bulb
  • Applicable for KDF-42E2000 KDF-46E2000 KDF-50E2000 KDF-50E2010 KDF-55E2000 KDF-E42A10 KDF- E42A11 KDF-E42A11E KDF-E42A12U KDF-E50A10 KDF-E50A11 KDF-E50A11E KDF-E50A12U KF-42E200 KF-50E200A TV
  • Replacement Warranty: 120days

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