BESTEK Portable Car Jump Starter and External Battery Charger

I was extremely excited to test out this BESTEK Portable Car Jump Starter and External Battery Charger. Since my car is reliable (knock on wood) I have not had to use it on my car but, I have gotten to use it on my computer. And I love it! For work I always need to have my computer with me and there’s not always an outlet nearby. And this fixed the problem! It holds a 10,000 mAh battery that’s more than enough to charge my computer from dead or any of my smart devices.

Some of the complaints I have been readying about this charger is that it is bulky or a little bigger than some of the other 10,000 mAh batteries. Well if you look at the battery it’s made for protection. It’s built to last and to take the beating from jump starting cars or other various batteries. So I personally don’t mind the size of the battery.

It is also easy to use! Everything is pretty explanatory and visual but, if you get confused they have a manual that will walk you step-by-step. I also love how they give you an adapter for everything you could possibly need! Warning: if you have an Apple computer they do not have a charging connection for those. If you have any PC laptop, chances are that this battery pack will work with it. The battery supports 19V output and comes with several adapters that can fit most laptop power inputs.


  • Jump-start your car, motorcycle, V-8 diesel truck up to 10 times with a 400A current,2 USB outputs charge your phone and tablet at the same time
  • Long-lasting and 10000mAh’s battery allows you to charge your smartphones over 5 times (device requires recharge every 6 months)
  • Built-in LED light with 4 modes (normal, strobe, SOS and off) lasts 120 hours help you find your way after dark
  • This highly efficient 14 ounce device lasts up to 1000 cycles; 5 blue LED lights indicate the power you’ve got left after every jump-start
  • Package List: compact external power battery with 400 Amp peak, LED light, a pair of mini-jumper clamps, 7 USB adapters, one USB cable, one recharger cable, and a zippered carrying case

Final Thoughts:

I personally love this external battery. I keep it fully charged and in my car for extreme uses. I like the look and build, its made to last and can go through some brutal beatings. Because of the size it is a bit on the heavy side and it weighs about 13 ounces. It is a very convenient battery to keep around in an emergency, and I would highly recommend one of these, especially for the price!

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