Bloki: the landscape dock

Bloki the landscape dock

Using the Bloki night stand is one of the best solutions instead of buying a dock for your iPhone. You can charge your phone while still having the capability of using your phone as a dock. The sleek compact design makes it look nice and is simple for ANYONE to use! It holds your cord while cradling your phone for the perfect view, and doesn’t block your speakers. It’s easy to say that we were geeking out about the Bloki stand. I mean you can even use it to watch cat videos and WHO doesn’t like cat videos


  •          Charge your phone all through the night and still use a night stand without killing your battery
  •          Easy to use
  •          Keeps your phone standing
  •          Affordable
  •          Compact and durable
  •          Stylish
  •          ….cat videos


  •          Absolutely None

Like the Bloki night stand? Get it here for only $14.99

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