Brainwavz Delta Wired Headphones

Usually when it comes to earphones with us we choose the ones that are wireless. Less cords you have t deal with and overall a better experience when you’re on the go. The Brainwavz Delta wired headphones definitely changed out minds on that!

First off these are so comfortable, they come in 4 different sizes so there will be the perfect fit for you. I used them to workout and they never fell out. I went running and lifting and I was lucky enough not to have an instance of the Delta earphones coming out with which ever exercise I was doing.

Also, I have to say i was super impressed with the sound of these headphones as well! They were loud and they had a create bass to them so it made my music experience a lot better. Check out the video below for the unboxing and a more in depth look into the Brainwavz Delta wired headphones!

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