Burkley Antique Coffee Leather Case

If there is one thing I like to show off it’s definitely my iPhone cases. I like to be that guy who has on a different one every other day showing off all the newest and unheard of cases. So when I get a chance to review a case that is handmade leather, you best bet that I will take full advantage of the opportunity.

Who is Burkley Case?

To start, let’s get an idea of what this case is made of and where its coming from. Burkley Case is New York City based companies who are the artisans of leather and focus on superior quality and perfection. What Burkley does that is different than other companies that make leather cases is they have engineered cases that not only have that classic genuine leather feel, but also have a modern look and design.

Product Highlights

The case that I had a chance to review was the Snap-on Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S in Antique Coffee Leather design. This case, like all their other ones, is a handmade leather case made with the highest quality unique antique coffee leather to give your phone that antique and classy look.

This case has a plastic inner shell that give the case a snug fit to your phone resulting in a more protective case. One thing that I would like to see this case have is protection that goes across the bottom instead of leaving it exposed.

The outside of the case is bonded to the premium impact resistant polycarbonate, which makes it easy access for charging your phone with different plug sizes, and accessing your headphone port.

Case Overview

I really liked the style, look, and feel of this case, but there were drawbacks that I saw that kept this case from getting a 5 star rating. One thing that I noted above was that the case didn’t fully cover the bottom of the case. Because of this it leaves it fully venerable to drops. I understand they did this so that there would be an easy access to the charging and headphone port, but they can still cover the bottom while giving a larger port opening.

The other drawback I saw from this case was that it scratched incredibly easy. I understand it is leather so it will be more susceptible to scratches and scuffs, and this is something that you have to know when you are purchasing a leather case. Although this does scratch easily, if you have leather cleaner, you can rub it on the case and it will make it look like new (unless you have a deep scratch).

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought that this was one of the more attractive and stylish cases that I have received, but when you want an attractive you’ll always give something else up weather that be protection or durability.

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