Carved | Wood Cases

A case we have been using for the past couple months (sorry this review is late) is the carved case. Now this case is up in the air for whether or not we like it. It’s a great design, it’s made with real wood, but there are some areas that make us drift away from the case.


  • Real wood/ All natural
  • Affordable
  • Custom cases/ tons of other designs


  • Wood dents easily
  • No Protection
  • Avoid getting this case wet! (I live in the windy city and the case got moister on the outside and the wood got a little destroyed.

We liked the look of the Carved Wood iPhone 6 plus case but the protection it offers is extremely limited. The case is made in the United States and is hand crafted with natural wood and quality work put into every case. For someone who wants a case for an everyday ware-and-tear this case might not be for you. If you are looking for a case for its looks and appealing design then by all means this case is a 5 star product. But for myself I’m not able to give up the protection of my phone just to have an appealing case. The plastic edges won’t protect your phone from a fall (trust me I dropped mine and took a chunk out of the corner of the case).

We rate this a 3 star product. I love the company and the quality, time, and effort they put into each case, but protection is everything when it comes to a $500+ phone. Check out all the cool designs and custom made cases here on Carved’s website

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