Cellet Glass Screen Protector

Smart phone cost’s

How much do you pay for your smart phone? $300? $400? $500?! If you’re paying this much for your phone don’t you think protecting it at all costs is a must? Now how many of you either cracked your screen or scratched it? It’s annoying and not all of us have $500 just lying around that we can just buy a new phone.

The pain

Now my next question is; how many of you have bought screen protectors before? They’re a pain! To get them on without making bubbles is nearly impossible. And within a couple months they peel off your phone anyway. And let’s be honest, they don’t protect your phone that well. And because of this reason you HAVE to get a glass screen protector.

Cellet Ultra-Thin (0.3mm) High Transparency 9H Tempered Glass

The Cellet tempered class screen protector is a must have for your smart phone. Never have a scratch on your phone again. Never have a cracked screen. Yes, this tempered glass does all of those. It really does protect your phone at all costs. I’ve dropped my phone hip height (I’m 6’3) and it didn’t even phase my screen. No cracks, nothing. If you’re going to spend hundreds on your phone why not spend $10 more to fully protect your phone at all costs!


  • Made of premium tempered glass offering superior protection to your phone screen
  • Shatterproof, scratch proof, provides 9H hardness strength
  • Oleophobic coating offers resistance to oil and grease
  • Clear transparent glass does not interfere with touchscreen capabilities
  • Simple to install

Made For:

  • iPhone 4/4s
  • iPhone 5/5s/5c
  • iPhone 6/6plus
  • Lg G Vista
  • Samsung Note ¾
  • Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5
  • LG G2/3

Get it now!

Get glass screen protector for any of these smart phones for just $10 Here!

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