Cellet Ultra-Thin Premium High Transparency Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6

If you have ever read any of my reviews for the glass screen protectors then you know right away how much I love them. Today I’m reviewing the Cellet Glass screen protector for the iPhone 6. Right away I loved it! (And I know what you’re thinking, how is he testing all these screen protectors) Well the answer to that is I put them on my friends and families phones. That way I’m able to see the perspective of other people and see if they can catch something that I don’t. Well just like I expected my friend loved this screen protector. He said and I quote “I will never get another screen protector again” If you are still using the stick on screen protectors then I HIGHLY advise you to stop and get yourself a glass screen protector and I recommend the Cellet screen protector. Reasonable cost and easy to put on. Later today I will be uploading a video of me taking my car keys to the screen of my phone to show you that it won’t even scratch the screen!

Stop wasting your money on screen protectors that don’t work and make this the last screen protector you will ever need to buy again! No bubbles, no hassle; peel and stick on your phone, simple as that!


  • Made of premium tempered glass offering superior protection to your phone screen
  • Shatterproof, scratch proof, provides 9H hardness strength
  • Oleophobic coating offers resistance to oil and grease
  • Clear transparent glass does not interfere with touchscreen capabilities
  • Simple to install

If you want to get the Cellet screen protector then go HERE! They have more than just the iPhone. They have Samsung and all iPhone generations!

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