Coredy, Increase Your Internet Speed

Coredy TA100 Nano Travel Router is the perfect device whether you need better internet connection when you are at home or when you need internet when you’re traveling. If you’re like me, you need WiFi at all times.

No matter where I am going whether it is at home, the office or traveling; I need to be able to use my phone and computer. But a lot of the times there is either terrible internet access or no WiFi at all. And that is exactly where the Coredt TA100 nano router comes in to play. This can act as a router or it can act as an Access Point (AP)/ Repeater (WiFi Range Extender)/ Wireless Router Mode 2.4 Ghz up to 150Mbps Transfer Rate for Pc Smartphone Tablet WPS for Easy Set Up.

If you do not already have WiFi then you can create your own hotspot by simply plugging this device in your modem and it will give off its own WiFi. So this can be extremely helpful when you are traveling. Or, if you are looking to make your WiFi signal stronger you can do just that by plugging this into your router and using it as a repeater/range extender.

For me a lot of the time my internet connection isn’t always the strongest when I am in the basement of my house. In that case all I had to do was use this to make the connection stronger and I was good to go.

The one thing I like about this is how simple it is to set up. All you have to do is plug in the coredy into a power device and wait for the devices LED lights to start flashing. Using your computer, connect to the wireless network icon and select the default SSID of TA100 and then click connect.  After this go to your web browser and type in and then for both the user name and password type in “admin”. After this click the “AP” button in the wizard field and then hit apply. After this your WiFi connection will be good to go. Just refresh your network and you will see the Coredy as a new option. This is perfect because not everyone is a technology guru. So it is easy to set up for people who have almost no understanding in computers. It is as simple as setting up the app.

Overall, this was an extremely effective WiFi extender and router. It was super easy to set up as long as you can follow prompts that are displayed on your computer. And once it is done you have a stronger more reliable internet connection then you first started with. This is the perfect option when you are looking to increase you internet speed and connect, but don’t want to spend a lot of money doing so.

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