Custom Carbon Steel Knife

If you are a fan of E-List Reviews then you know that we review everything tech. So we can imagine your confusion when you see that we are reviewing a knife. But what makes this knife so unique and special is how it was made… By the power of technology!

We were incredibly honored when this 6” Neck Knife was handmade and customized especially for us here at E-List Reviews! This knife was handmade by George of Morales Knifes and you can check out all of his handy work here!

This is a unique knife because we want to show exactly what technology can make with the skill and technique of an individual. This blade is made out of 01 tool steel/high carbon. This was designed and laser cut.

Because this blade is made using a high carbon steel, it will rust over time. To keep this from happening it is important that you coat the blade in oil. Doing so will help prevent and ensure that the blade will not rust.

This handle was also hand made using G10. G10 is a laminate grade that is produced by inserting continuous glass and woven fabric. As the two materials get impregnated with an epoxy resin binder while forming the sheet under high pressure. Aside from these complex steps taken to make this amazing blade, it comes out looking as stylish as ever!

If you are looking for a hunting knife, flip knife, or for a custom made knife then you have to contact George Morales on his Instagram or his new website to request one. He does not only does amazing work, but he’s fast as well!

Overall, we were incredibly amazing to see what someone with a great skill can do with technology. We would like to make this knife a new segment on our website. We will now be featuring more amazing pieces of art made from the power of technology!

6” Neck Knife

OAL: 6”

BL: 3.5”

01 tool steel blade hardened to around 62RC

Handle: G10

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