Cut Maps Wood Case Of The Chicago Grid Review and Unboxing

Personally I like to have a wood case, but just having a plain wood case can be boring and unattractive after a while. Having a wood case that has something unique about it says a lot more about you and honestly is a good conversation starter. After searching hard for a new and unique company who makes wood cases we came across Cut Maps.

What Makes Cut Maps Unique?

What makes Cut Maps so unique is that they are the only company we found that makes custom laser cut city street maps right onto the back of a wood phone case. As of right now they make 33 different street map grids, but they also make custom work and can most likely make you your map of they don’t already have it. Cut Maps makes phone cases for iPhone 6/6s, 6+/6S+, 5/5S/SE, and Galaxy S6 and S7.

The specific phone case I got was a beautifully engraved grip map of Chicago. This engraving was done onto a piece of cherry wood and is hands down one of the most unique and one of a kind phone cases we have reviewed.

Phone Protection

The back of the case is a beautifully carved wood, but the rest of the case is a durable rubber that is able to take some shock if it was to drop on the ground or hit surfaces. The wood looks great, but for me to use this case on my phone all the time there has to be some sort of protection to it. And this rubber casing they have the wood encased in is perfect. It covers all the sides, buttons and bottom of the phone. Some of the rubber cases that cover the buttons are bulky and make it difficult to press the power button or volume, but this one is perfect and I’ve never had a problem with that.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought that this was a great case. The laser engraving of the Chicago map is beautiful and really makes my case stand out a lot more than other cases I have used on the market before. Aside from that, I also love how the case also offer protection to insure your case will be secure from drops. If you are looking for a unique case and one that will still protect your phone for a great price I would highly recommend this!

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