Discover The Wireless Charging Secret

Lutman Design Studio Swich Charging Pad

We’ve reviewed a lot of Qi enabled chargers here at E-List Reviews. But, we have never reviewed one as stylish and sleek as the Swich wireless charger. If you don’t know already, Qi chargers give you the convenience of wireless charging by simply placing your device on a desk, mat or a car dashboard all with the pleasure of being plug free!


Swich came to Kickstarter with one goal in mind; they try to address this limitation of visually attractive and highly usable Qi chargers on the market. Another aspect that Swich tried to address was the problem of Qi chargers on the market that don’t hold your device at the right angle for viewing. Swich was brought to life by Lutman Design who has 287 backers bringing $45,282 to help bring this project to life!

This unique charging stand is made using both ceramic and American dark walnut. Ceramic is used for the base and the charging pad while the walnut is used for the middle. The charging pad also is made with a micro-suction pad, which ensures a good grip on virtually all smartphone surfaces and cases, so your device won’t simply slip off due to the angled nature of the wireless charger. Another feature that makes Swich stand out from the rest is that it swivels. You can use this option so you can quickly switch across landscape and portrait modes.


I have been using the Swich charging pad for a week so far and I have to say that this is definitely the best Qi charging pad I have used so far! Every time I put my phone on the pad it connects right away and I don’t have to fumble around trying to find the right spot. And the swivel function is a great additive to get the right position that suits you the most. I would rate this wireless charging pad a perfect 5 stars!


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