Duracell Powermat: PowerSet II Kit

This kit comes with a wireless charging case for the iPhone5 that features a detachable backup battery and a wireless charging mat for 2 devices.

First impression? Slick packaging.

When the consumer opens this, it’s boom, boom, boom. Easy to understand and easy to assemble. It took all of 3 minutes to unpack and begin use.

The Case, Features:

–          3 Pieces

  • Case
  • External Battery
  • Input External Battery Connector

The Powermat, Features:

–          1 Charging mat for 2 devices

–          AC Adapter

Pros of Case

–          Great for on-the-go persons

–          Charges phone FAST

–          Charges phone  about 1 ½ times

–          Phone case indicates battery level of external battery with 4 LED lights

–          Case lip protects screen

Cons of Case

–          External Battery Connector leaves gap between phone and connector… Food can get in there… ew.

–          Case heats up when charging

–          Bulky

–          Slippery texture

–          Scratches Easily

–          Not shock resistant

–          External battery connector is flimsy

–          Top left-hand corner isn’t connected to the case, leaves a gap

Suggestions for Powermat Case

–          Make the case textured so it doesn’t slip out of hands or pockets (especially when it’s cold out!)

–          Close the gap between phone and external battery connector

Pros of Powermat Wiresless Mat Charger

–          Sleek Design

–          Lights indicate when phone is charging and power off when charging is complete

–          Two adhesive strips allow user to connect it to any surface

–          Lightweight

–          Charges FAST

–          Charges TWO phones at once

–          Two charging points magnetize phones so they don’t slip

–          Cable inlayed to design

–          Power adapter features quick wrap design to adjust cable length

Cons of Powermat Wireless Mat Charger

…None. We’re kind of obsessed.

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