Elago S5 Series Outfit Matrix case

Don’t want a bulky case for your phone? Then look no further the Elago S5 Outfit MATRIX for iPhone is here. A great slim case for those who do not want a bulky case has arrived. The S5 case provides enough protection like any other slim shell case but this one is better. This well designed case has a brushed aluminum back to it. The aluminum is neither fake nor painted on, it is real. I repeat.. it is real. One great future is the case also has a very small lip to it so you can lay it on a table screen down without the screen actually touching the table. If you’re looking for a sleek design with great quality, stop looking and buy the S5 series now! How are we rating this product? Completely geeking out.


• Amazing look

• Lightweight

• Protects the phone

• Case comes over the edge enough so it dropped it will protect the screen

• Attractive design

• Company name is on it so great advertisement

• Matte finish

• Great grip on the edges

• Cheap price


• Absolutely none

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