Stylish Emie Solo One Speaker Unboxing And Review

As always, one of my favorite things to review are speakers. And what makes the Emie Solo One so much more attractive than the other speakers I have reviewed in the past was the shape and design. This speaker was inspired from the designing nature of simplicity and unity.

Emie Sound Quality

After listening to this speaker you can tell right away that it was much more attractive then just its shape and design. Its advanced audio performance delivers a full-range listening experience because of the excellent high, medium, and low frequency effects that this speaker offers.

This speaker was perfect to hook up to my computer setup. It looks great on a desk and it makes your computer sound amazing. Beautiful sound comes from the 0.2mm speaker holes that creates uniformity in your eyes and ears.

Emie Battery

You can use this speaker from just plugging it in and using the power that way. Or you can charge the speaker with the power adapter and it holds a battery charge of 9000 mAh, which is massive for a Bluetooth speaker!

Emie Design

If there is one thing I like most about this speaker it is hands down the look. This has the perfect combination of nature ad strength. Although this is not real wood, it is nature-imitated materials, it still looks realistic and beautiful.

The exterior is made with a wood texture case with water transfer printing technique to give it that real wood look. The rest of the speaker is made with aluminum alloy including the speaker grill, stand, and base.

The back of the speaker is made with a touch screen feature. While there is no glass, the wood has flat buttons which you press or swipe to do the necessary functions. This feature you can control turning the speaker on and off, volume control, and also BFC pairing function. Below these are also two inputs, one for power adapter and the other for an AUX plug (that is if you decide to go old school).

Speaker Specifications

SNR (Signal Noise Ratio)


Frequency response

80Hz – 18kHz

Product Size

7.9×8.7×4.5 inches


Li-ion 900mAh Rechargeable Battery


NFC, Bluetooth 3.0 Technology, Audio In jack (3.5 mm stereo)

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that this speaker has definitely grabbed my attention because of how awesome it looks. Its design is something that I have never seen before, and it really stands out and looks expensive. Besides the look, I thought the sound was of good quality as well, it can get loud and the base does the job. If you’re interested in checking this speaker out you can find it HERE!

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