Evutec Wood S Series Bamboo Case

The Wood S Series Bamboo case by Evutec is a beautiful singular design. This bamboo case is stylish case treated and polished five-layered case. One unique thing about this case is that because it is made with zero metal and only wood, it has no chance of interference with the wireless signal. The case is slim and doesn’t add any bulk to the phone what so ever. The case also comes out the front enough to protect the screen from touching any surface.


  • The Wood S Series Bamboo case is the epitome of what Evutec is all about: combining ecology and technology into a beautiful singular design. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to create a single sheet of multi-pressed, real wood veneer that is then infused with DuPontTM Kevlar fibers into a remarkably thin profile at just 0.9mm thin.
  • Finally since we designed our Wood S Series cases without any metal substances or components, you’ll never have to worry about interference with your wireless signals.
  • Plus, our wood is sourced from responsibly managed, sustainable forests earning us the distinction of being awarded FSC Chain of Custody certification. Additionally, each Wood S Series case is treated and polished with our specially formulated, five-layered, Evutouch Coating for exceptionally, easy-to-grip, scratch-resistant protection.
  • 0.9 mm Thin – 5x Stronger Then Steel and lighter- Scratch Resistant Coating

Final Thoughts

I personally love the bamboo style of this case. It’s slim and stylish and has a great finish to it. The only think I would like to change about this case is to add some type of grip to the sides of the phone. Because the case is completely bamboo, it is smooth and can be slippery at times. If the sides had a little grip to it, then it would diminish the slippery feel. Other than the grip of the case, I would highly recommend this stylish and beautiful case. If you want to buy this case you can find it HERE!

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