The Swiss army of collar stays has finally arrived. No collar stays have 4-tool functionality-until now. In addition to functioning as a bottle opener, the front tip of each Exuvius’s Multi-Tool Collar Stay is also a half-Phillips Head screwdriver. The back is a slotted screwdriver. The inset groove in the middle of the stay is a thread cutter.

The Exuvius Cufflinks are a stylish design, far from your typical cufflink. When buying the cufflinks, they come with two main pieces, the front and the back. Then to keep things interesting, they have a number of interchangeable front pieces. This is one of the best features I like; you can change them to multiple colors and designs (I got a bright blue color which makes me look pretty badass, if I do say so myself)…


  • Many interchangeable cufflink designs
  • Collar stays have many purposes
  • Stylish design


  • Expensive

The cufflinks and the collar stays bring a lot of style and class. The designs are unique and the functions are very useful. The only negative to Exuvius is the price, it is a bit pricy but completely worth it.

Thanks to Exuvius for providing us with products to review.

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