FitActive Air Made For Comfort

iLuv FitActive Air

Here at E-List Reviews we proud ourselves on not only being technology enthusiast, but also being addicted to fitness. Whether it’s working out in the gym, going on runs, or being a weekend warrior; we are always looking for the perfect headphones that go perfect with our routines. A lot of the wireless headphones we have reviewed in the past were comfortable and had good sound, but when it came to doing a vagarious exercises they would always fall out causing frustration and they were never sweat or water resistant.

The iLuv FitActive Air are designed for sports and exercise, and to give you the freedom to listen to your music without getting tangled up in wires or cables. The reason we are obsessed with the FitActive Air is because they are not only comfortable BUT they stay in your ears no matter how fast you move or how tough your workout is thanks to its patent pending Fit-Tec design that provides a comfortably ergonomic and secure fit.

Wireless Freedom

Stop using wired headphones and get with the times! FitActive Air allows you to be free from wires and cables with. Bluetooth is quick and easy to pair to any device and lets you stream music wirelessly. Having no wires lets you be free when moving around and doing more of a strenuous activity, like working out.

Secure Fit with Fit-Tec

One of the biggest problems people have with headphones is they always fallout when you are moving around a lot. So as a fitness lover this annoys me to no extent. With these headphones they have a patent pending ergonomic design called Fit-Tec so that each earphone is shaped to fit your ears comfortably, while the in-ear braces ensure that they stay in your ears securely no matter how hard you push yourself.

Exceptional Stereo Sound

What’s more important than having a secure and comfortable fit? Having amazing sound of course! FitActive Air earphones feature high fidelity stereo sound and superior performance so you can enjoy music no matter what you’re doing. The clear, rich sound of FitActive Air will keep you moving.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were a big fan of these earphones by iLUV. We are a big fan of the wireless capabilities and having a secure comfortable fit. When we are lifting weights or running we have yet to have a time when the headphones have fallen out. The sound on this is also more superior of other earphones we have tested before We would definitely recommend this for a fitness enthusiast like us!

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