FrogCase Anti-Gravity iphone 6 Review

Who Is FrogCase?

FrogCase is a new company making their way into the phone case industry. What is different about this company is, they aim to capture and present the beauty of nature. Not only are they trying to show nature’s true beauty, but they are also trying to raise awareness towards the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection. To make it short, FrogCase’s main goal is to give back to the natural habitats of the tree frogs that inspired us to create FrogCase.

First off, I want to take the time to say how awesome it is for a company to base their entire brand and product idea on giving back to nature. It’s something I feel shows a lot of character and something that a lot more companies should show initiative to do.

Why Is FrogCase Special?

What makes this phone case stand out more than another one we have reviewed was the special backing it has. The back of this case has a resin gel that makes it incredibly sticky. What makes this so special is when you push on the back of the case it squeezing out air between the layers and then producing a partial vacuum. And if you couldn’t guess, this case was “exclusively designed for selfie addicts”

When it the backing creates its vacuum it can become so sticky that you can literally slap it on a wall and it will stick there for a few seconds. Now you name another case that can do that! Personally I think that this is a create invention because it makes it vertically impossible for your phone to become slippery.

The sticky gel is intended for sticking on smooth, glossy surfaces such as mirrors and glass. So some uses would include taking glare-free photos through windows, capturing time lapse videos on your phone, or simply taking selfies.

The two things that I would say are negative of this technology, because it does get so sticky, lint from your pockets and dust will stick to the case. Because of this I find myself cleaning the case off because of this.  The other is, I think the sides of the case should be changed and possibly add a texture to them. They are completely smooth and this can be slippery.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really liked this case. It was a really new experience since I never had a case with this vacuum like backing. It was really nice to have something that was incredibly sticky for grip reasons. I do think this is a great case and the structure in which they have built their brand on is great, but I only give this 4/5 stars. Reason being, the case collects a lot of dirty, lint, and dust. And it would be better if they changed the sides of the case. If you want a case that is stylish, has amazing grip, a case for those perfect selfies, and is for a great cause then the FrogCase is what you want!

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