Get Moving with TaoTronics!

The first thing I always notice about TaoTronics products is their minimalistic packaging. Many products I’ve reviewed from this company come packaged in a simple manner, with little ink used on the plain cardboard boxing. I am pleased by this for two reasons:

  • The company is saving money on their packaging which means the product can speak for itself and
  • They’re simple packaging means for less of an impact upon the environment.

Taotronics Perfect Fit

These Wireless Sports Headphones are a breath of fresh air. Their sleek design coupled with a wireless connection optimizes your ability to focus on your workout. Any product that synthesizes tech and working out is an A+ on my list. These headphones came with a carrying pouch (another huge plus for storing them in an organized manner), replacement ear buds (for different sizes for an optimal fit) and winged ear hooks for a different fit type. Basically, you can customize the fit in addition to choosing the color combination. While it takes about 2 hours to charge the set fully, you get over 5 hours out of the charge. Great for those lengthy hikes or a week’s worth of 1 hour workday workout sessions. You can answer your phone calls and adjust the music volume on your phone or iPod. They are charged with a USB cable and can use any power source.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend these Taotronics headphones as a gift for the workout enthusiast in your life or hey, get ‘em for yourself! They are reasonably priced and they are made of good quality material. I have used them stickily while working out so you can say they have gone through some wear-and-tear. They have yet to fall apart or show any sign of breaking, which is a major plus. I would recommend these are a good pair that could take a beating and still last!

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