GMYLE Aluminium Qi Wireless Charger

Deluxe Metal Housing A lot of the Qi chargers I have tested have all been made of complete plastic. The GMYLE Aluminum Qi Wireless Charger is a deluxe metal housing. And this is what makes it stand out from the rest of the chargers on the market. Aside from this deluxe aluminum, this Qi charger also is made with top-quality glacier white acrylic glass surface on the top.

Power Up Devices Wirelessly

The best feature of Qi chargers is that you will never have to look for that charging cable again! Made using the latest Qi technology, wirelessly transmit power to your device quickly. Simply set the device on the charging pad and it will begin charging automatically.



  • Premium quality real metal housing, fully compatible with any Qi-enable devices;
  • Easy to setup and use, place a device on the charging pad and automatically begins charging;
  • Compact, space efficient design. Smaller than a beverage coaster;
  • Anti-scratching premium acrylic glass surface;
  • LED indicator to notify user when device is in charging position.

Final Thoughts:

If you’ve have my past reviews you can see that my current obsession are Qi receivers. The GMYLE Aluminum Qi Wireless Charger works fantastic with both my Samsung Edge S6 and my iPhone 6 (I have a Qi adapter). This specific charger has definitely taken the place as the best QI charger I have yet to review. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the design, quality, and functionality. If you’re looking for the best Qi charging pad then look no further! I would highly recommend this to everyone!

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