Headphones Don’t Have To Be Expensive To Be This Good

Since there are so many expensive headphones on the market I thought that I would go ahead and do a review on a pair of headphones that are great sounding and are great quality.  The market is flooded with top name headphones such as Beats By Dre, Bose, Sony, etc. and consumers start to think that because these are the most talk about that they must be the ONLY ones that are worth buying and the ONLY ones that are good. Well I highly disagree with this and I know a lot of other reviews would agree with me as well.

Are There Better Headphones Out There?

Now don’t get me wrong;  Beats By Dre, Bose, Sony headphones have some amazing sound, but there are a good amount of other companies out there who make headphones that are perfect for the people who don’t want to spend all that money and if you’re looking to branch out and try a new brand.

The one brand that I want to point out that deserves to have more light shed on them is a smaller company called Sound Intone. These Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones are a pair of extremely affordable headsets that have a built in microphone, noise isolating technology, and amazing sound.

Quality Of Sound Intone

These are great to use with anything that has a 3.5 mm jack. One thing you will notice right off the bat is how great the sound was. I have reviewed tons of headsets and earphones so I’ve got a pretty good idea what the difference between good and bad sound. These were extremely clear and the clarity and base was something you really wouldn’t expect from a cheap pair.

I’m also a fan of the materials that these are made. The head is made using a fabric that really gives it that expensive look and looks as if it is one of the professional grade headphones. The earphones are memory foam that offer a soft and comfortable fit as these lay snugly over your head. Last, these are lightweight and comfortable with an adjustable design to make it ideal for virtually any sized head and ears. The built is a 360° high sensitive Omani-directional microphone for clear speech and reduction of background noise for improve phone call conversations.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought that these were really good pair of headphones both the sound quality and look. The may be a cheaper pair of headphones, but that definitely doesn’t mean that these aren’t made using attractive material and have fantastic sound.

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