Headphones That Will Vibrate To Notify You?

The SoundBot SB735 are bluetooth headphones that rest comfortably around-the-Neck. Made using bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Headset these headphones are sweat resistant headset that supplies you with 10 hours of music streaming and hands-free talking.

These Bluetooth headphones are extremely different from the others we have tested and reviewed in the past. Aside from these just being Bluetooth and allowing you to connect to your smart phones, tablets, and computers; these headphones also have vibration alerts. When you get a call of text these headphones will actually vibrate when you get a notification. Each charge also comes with 150 hours of standby time, multi-point connectivity, HD crystal clear audio, built-in mic, voice prompt, & CVC (Clear Voice Capture)

The functions of these headphones are definitely different than the other ones we have reviewed and tested before. One thing that stood out to us the most was that these head phones would vibrate hen ever you had a notification. This is something we really liked because it is something that definitely came in handy when you don’t have your phone on you, when you’re working out, and when you have to have your phone on silent.

Second best function we loved was how far the range was. I could connect to my computer or my phone and walk about 15 yards away and it was still connected and played crystal clear. We never came into a problem where we would get disconnected from any device we were using (we tested this with the iPhone, Edge, iPad, and the MacBook).

Overall, if you are someone who loves working out, a runner, or wants to be cordless then we would highly recommend this to them. The battery lasts a long time, the awesome vibrating notification. If you want to purchase these headphones you can get them for a cheap price of $20.99 on Amazon.

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