Henge Docks Gravitas

I usually don’t use docking devices on the account I haven’t found one that I truly like. Either they are made of cheap or unreliable material or, they just don’t have a great appearance. For that reason I usually go old school and charge my iPhone and iPad with just a cable. But this was all until I found myself the Gravitas docking station. This is one of the best looking docking stations I have seen on the market. It’s made out of solid material weighing in at 2.54 lbs. This is heavy enough to stay put and not be knocked around. Because of the weight of the product you don’t have to use two hands to grab your device. The smooth design fits perfectly on my night stand and I always get complements on the look.

My favorite features of the Gravitas docking station are that it has its own built in lighting connector. This was you don’t have to worry about the cable you have not fitting in or working. The built in cable is also MFi approved so it will always charge your apple device. My second favorite feature is that the dock is built with a Digital-to-analog converter built-in for easy stereo speaker output. You can play music and it will sound good every time. It actually makes the sound louder and clearer.

I fell in love after using the Gravitas docking station. It has an amazing look that matches the look and design of apple. It charges your device fast and allows you to play music without the hassle of having muffled sound. I would rate this a 5 star product and would highly recommend anyone who wants a docking device for just about all your apple products! Like the Gravits? Get it HERE directly from Henge Docks


  • The premium iPhone & iPad charging docking station.
  • 2.54 lbs for maximum stability. Built-in Lightning connector (MFi Approved).
  • iPhone 5s/5c/5 and iPad Air/Mini/4th gen via included swappable inserts.
  • USB port and cable for syncing and charging.
  • Digital-to-analog converter built-in for easy stereo speaker output.

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