How To Use Professional Pics in Your SnapChat Story

Snapchat is everything in the lives of young teenagers and young adults. While there is always something new and better coming out, if your brand is not utilizing Snapchat for your marketing goals you are most likely missing your mark!

There are many ways you can use Snapchat to boost your brand recognition with your target demographics. One of the pains in using Snapchat’s for brands has been in the past that you can only take pictures and video on your phone. I’m here to tell you that there is one very important hack that is going to be integral for businesses and you can do it in two seconds. Where does this hack hide? In Snapchat’s new feature for “Memories”.

Underneath the button that you use to take video, there is a smaller button on your Snapchat screen. Click this button to begin accessing your memories.  Memories is a new feature that was added that allows you to save snaps and aggregate them into different albums so that you can see them in the future. This means that Snapchat has extended the life of their social medium for users and allowed people to use it in place of their camera roll on their smart phone.

Because memories can access your camera roll, this is a great thing for marketers! Yes you can save a snap to your camera roll but did you know you can also grab something from your camera roll and edit it into your snap story? Click the button that says camera roll and browse through your recent pictures that you have taken or uploaded on your phone. Snapchat will automatically timestamp these pictures so don’t be posting something from years ago unless you’re going to use it as a #TBT!

This feature will make a lot of great things happen for a social media marketers. You can now upload images that will help you with promotions, contests, giveaways etc. instead of merely relying on inserting text or Emoji’s or drawing on your pictures.

Speaking of Emoji’s, there are some new advancements in emoji tech for for this image capturing app as well! If you haven’t heard of it Bitmoji, click here to read my other recent post about integrating your bitmoji app with Snapchat!

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