Hydra – Your Plant Care Companion

Brian Ong, an engineer, is building Hydra, a system to automatically water your indoor plants.  This amazing invention is an incredible way to let your passion for gardening thrive, even if you have a busy schedule or little-to-no outdoor space.  This water reservoir pumps individual amounts of water to up to ten plants per day.  Hydra’s easy to use controls let users create stunning gardens in their own homes, and are a simple and effective way to green your personal environment.

This beautiful gadget boasts intuitive controls.  Hydra’s central hub comes with six preset watering levels, and can output water more than ten times per day.  Hydra is also durable, and very easy to maintain; the water reservoir is the only thing you need to refill.  Hydra is also highly customizable: you can attach your own water reservoir, add your own fertilizer and attach it to any type of plant you desire.  The best part is that Hydra will pay for itself, producing green produce you’ll be proud to consume.

Hydra is an automatic watering system, with simple instructions.

  • Set Hydra’s current time.
  • Set the times that Hydra will dispense water to your garden.
  • Set how much water Hydra will dispense at any time, either by using Hydra’s built-in presets or by gauging amounts for you, either by volume, or simply by eyeballing it.

This easy system will let your plants grow in peace.  Hydra minds your garden, while you get on with your busy life.

Brian Ong, Hydra’s inventor says “With Hydra, plant care is now a monthly affair. Grow an indoor forest with minimal effort – or even better, start an edible garden to supply your kitchen with fresh herbs and greens… No frills, No nonsense. Hydra was created specifically for the indoor garden and designed with simplicity in mind. Set it up, tell it how much to water and it will do the rest.”

Hydra’s kickstarter is ongoing and closes on September 30th.  It has currently raised just over $9000 of its $40440 goal. You can check out the Hydra Kickstarter here!

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