Instagram has launched a SnapChat-like feature called Stories

Did you make your updates on your iPhone or smart device yet? If so, chances are you’ve hopped on Instagram at some point today. But did you notice what’s new? There’s a new feature by Instagram that rivals the biggest name in social media right now, Snapchat.

The Facebook-owned app, Instagram, has debuted a new 24-hour picture sharing feature. To view this feature, simply open your app and look at the top of your screen. There will be several circles that you can scroll through. These show your friends and family (or businesses that you follow) as having posted a story on Instagram.

If you are familiar with Snapchat at all, making a story on Instagram will be, well… a snap! Simply tap on the plus circle and take a picture as you would with your front facing or selfie facing camera. You can then add text or draw on your picture. If you use boomerang, this functionality will also soon be available to use in your Instagram stories.

What we are unsure of right now is if this is the automatically expiring photo sharing feature that Facebook has been talking about making for the past few years. If it’s not, we may well see this addition to Facebook as well in the near future. What all of this will mean for Snapchat is unclear but I have a feeling that the very young crowd will not switch me from Snapchat to Instagram just because of this new feature.

What this does mean for businesses who were considering adding Snapchat to their social media marketing is that they will not have to spend the time to create an entirely new following on Snapchat if they already have a devoted following on Instagram. You can also see how many people have viewed your Instagram story just like you can on Snapchat.

We are excited to see what kind of marketing businesses will use this platform for and will keep you updated on tips and tricks to use the new feature on Instagram.

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