iStubb and Top Fashion Influencers community in cooperation

Smart Meets Chic in new product that will help you to to keep your most important things safe.

One of the most popular products that have been hitting the shelves in all different shapes and sizes are tracking devices to help you keep track of your belongings. iStubb who has already been in the market with their tracking device is now releasing their all new form of tracking; “Smart Meets Chic in new product that will help you to keep your most important things safe”.

iStubb has been working hard with the social community and top fashion influencers to not only make this the best functioning product, but to develop a product that is fashionable as well. Every detail of the product has been refined in cooperation of technology and fashion.

iStubb is a leading manufacturer of iBeacon technology based locators. iBeacon is developed by Apple technology for wireless data transfer. iStubb is the only one in the world adopted in the development of its large-scale use of intelligent Bluetooth-locatorsTFI is a worldwide community which includes the most important fashion personalities of the Social Media. The easiest procedure to keep a watchful eye on the constantly evolving world of trends.

During the redesign period of iStubb, they have embraced opinions and requirements of the TFI community. In addition to the fact that you can find lost items such as keys and wallet, you can also trigger smart phone camera from up to 40 meters distance. We have improved photo taking features of the iStubb app and added twelve filters for enhancing photos. Thanks to the new features user can place phone on a stand, trigger camera from up to 40 meters and share photo immediately to social media.

iStubb Software Features

  • Find any item
  • track lost items
  • take a photo from distance (Android & iOS features)
  • Improved photo taking features. 12 amazing filters to take impressive photos just by clicking the button on iStubb. (iOS feature)
  • Smart Home Zone. Turn on to connect to WIFI, helps you to avoid annoying false alarms caused by loss of Bluetooth signal. This is also a very useful feature when connecting multiple iStubb’s; passive connection is always on. (iOS feature)
  • Quiet Time. Define time ie. night time when you don’t want to get alarms. (iOS feature)
  • Change the background photo to make the app more personal. (iOS feature)
  • Shake phone to stop alarm. (iOS feature)

Technical Features

  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 4.0 iBeacon. Fast Bluetooth connectivity. iStubb is the only Smart Finder based on Apple’s iBeacon technology. With iBeacon technology we can ensure longer Bluetooth signal distance and very fast connectivity to multiple iStubb’s at the same time.
  • Wireless reach: up to 40 meters.
  • iStubb TFI is waterproof and \ improved the quality of the case
  • Battery: CR2032 battery x1. Package also contains additional replacement battery, so you are good to go for first 1-2 years.
  • Standby Time Up to 2 years
  • Continuous working hours up to 1 year.
  • Alarm volume: 85 db.

Smart Meets Chic Campaign Information:

  • Price: $45.57 (39,95 €)
  • Presales campaign from 11th of April to 29th of May 2016. Presales campaign discount is 40% off.
  • Shipping starts 30th of May.

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