Kick It Stand

Another phone case that transforms into a kick stand has been given life by kickstarter. The Kick-it Kickstand is labeled as the #1 KickStand that will grip to Any phone and Any case. Well the front of the case doesn’t lie; it does exactly what is advertised. The case is held on by an adhesive that sticks to the back of your phone. Once the case is on it is able to click into 5 different positions and change the high and position of the phone.

The case comes with a grip pad and a mini grip pad that allows your Kick it stand to be positioned anywhere and have a solid standing ability. And last is also comes with a mirror sticker and 7 customizable stickers to change the look of the stand.

The case is great if you want to use it for strictly holding your phone up. But there is absolutely no protection to your case at all. The idea behind the Kick-It is great, it’s light and thin but if you drop your phone it’s done for. And last once that case is on, there are no switching cases. Remember it’s stuck on with an adhesive and taking that of isn’t easy!

Find the Kick Stand here for $19.95

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