M-Light: The Smallest Dimmable Motion Sensor Night Light

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA- aniFree, an innovative team of designers, has created the M-Light, a motion activated night-light.  A small, adjustable device, the M-Light can be placed anywhere, for maximum efficiency.  This ultra-handy gadget will not only activate whenever it senses body motion, but will also only do so in the dark!  This revolutionary new convenience is a must-have for anybody who has ever tripped over anything in the dark.

Not only is this gadget useful, it’s also easy to use!  Simply:

1) Select where you want your new M-Light to go.

2) Use the M-Light’s dimmer to adjust to the optimal level of light.

3) Place, using the M-Light’s magnetic back panel and accompanying magnetic strip.

aniFree asks “Tired of tripping over things in the dark at night? Need a light that doesn’t blind your eyes for your nighttime bathroom trips? Want a clear view whenever you open a cabinet in the dark?  Say hello to M-Light, a miniature light that lights up automatically when it detects body motion in the dark.”  The innovative designers understand the need for unobtrusive technology, so the M-Light is just slightly larger than a quarter (1.33 x 1.33 x 0.79 (inch) or 33 x 33 x 20 (mm)).  It’s also rechargeable, adding to the convenience!

aniFree previously created the C-Cable, a multi-functional capsule cable that contained “4 connectors in its 2 capsule headers, which includes 1 USB type-A male, 1 USB type-A female, 1 Micro USB male, and 1 lightning male connector.”  aniFree’s goal for their original kickstarter was $10,000, but raised over $20,000 by the time the campaign closed.

About aniFree: “Our team specializes in the design and production of innovative gadgets especially electronic devices to make our lives easier.  We have team members located in China with direct connection to many local manufacturers, assure our products to be produced in high quality and on schedule.”

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