Mayur London Regal Watch Unboxing And Review

The watches we have reviewed on our site so far have been decent. They were made with high quality products, they looked nice, and they were priced right. But the one thing that we kept seeing was, all these watches were either 38mm or 42mm, which for me is way too small, The watch may look nice, but if I put it on and it looks like a children’s watch then it defeats the purpose of wearing it.

Mayur London Watch Style

The first thing that stood out to me about the Mayur London Watches was that they were actually sized for people with big hands and wrists. These watches were 46mm and a depth of 10mm. So these were nice and big but they were thin, which made them light and comfortable.

What I liked a lot about these watches besides the size was the actual look and construction of the watches. Each one of these watches casing were made with high quality stainless steel, which makes the watch light yet durable and strong from the wear-and-tear.

The two different watches that I reviewed were the Regal Blue, which featured a blue face, stainless steel casing, and an handmade authentic black leather strap. The other was a Regal Rose Gold which featured a rose gold face accompanied by a rose gold stainless steel casing. To finish this watch off they have a handmade brown leather strap, which in my opinion makes this watch really pop.

Mayur Specification

  • Case: High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Band: Leather Strap
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Weight: 55g
  • Case Width:46mm
  • Case Depth:10mm
  • Strap Width:20mm

Mayur Regal Watch Colors

  • Black & Gold
  • Blue
  • Rose Gold

Final Thoughts

The reason I think I really like these watches, besides how great they look and the quality material they are made out of; is because they are extremely classy watches that are only $106 (£74.99). Usually a lot of the watches on the market are highly overpriced and they will cost you hundreds of dollars. Mayur Watches are made of just of good quality material and are extremely attractive looking and will cost you a fraction of the cost.

Overall, I really liked these watches. They were really attractive and the quality of the material gives me confidence that they will last you through the wear-and-tear. I also like how they offer these watches in three different colors, each one with a handmade authentic leather band. Last, I love how these watches are as nice as they are and still are fairly priced. If you want to check these watches out make sure you do using this link!

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