Motrr’s Galileo Motorized Panoramic Photo Taking

What is the Motrr Galileo?

Taking photos with our phones have become more and more popular. Little do you see anyone take out an actual camera to take pictures. Your phone is small, compact, and offer has a better resolution then most cameras on the market. But, what happens when you want to step your picture taking game? Say you want to take photos in different platforms, take more panoramas, or even film with ease? That’s where the Motrr’s Galileo has come into play.

Motrr Galileo is basically a mount for your phone that allows you to rotate horizontally as well as vertically. When your iPhone is docketed into the Motrr’s Galileo it connects using Bluetooth which then you can use the app to control how the Motrr’s rotates.


Looking at the Motrr’s Galileo right out of the box you can notice that the Galileo looks and feels solid and well-constructed. This product is put together using a high-grade plastic with a texture reminiscent. The Motrr’s Galileo is also extremely compact measuring in only three-inch-by-two-inch cylinder. Aside from the size of the dock it is quite hefty. It’s not extremely heavy, but it does have a significantly more weight than your phone.


Setting up the Motrr’s Galileo was extremely easy. First you want to make sure you download the app on your phone first. After that all you have to do is stick your phone in the black rubber insert, where it then holds it firm and secure. After that just make sure you twist the bottom of your Motrr to turn on the Bluetooth then just pair it with your phone.


After using the product it was sad to say we weren’t entirely impressed. The app would lag a lot causing the Motrr not to turn when instructed. One thing we wish it has been more sensitivity. Say you are filming someone skateboard and you want to make a sudden change in the Motrr’s Galileo. Well with the app that’s extremely hard to do.

Aside from the Motrr not having a whole lot of sensitivity, you can set it so it has a continuous spin. This works amazing and does have a lot of uses. But, usually you are not going to have a camera going in the same direction the entire time; you are going to want to change directions suddenly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that the Motrr’s Galileo is an amazing idea, but we were not impressed with the functionality of it. We rate this product 3 out of 5 stars. If the responding of the app to the Motrr’s Galileo was fixed we would give this product a lot higher rating.

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