No strings attached with Aukey

Ah, the glorious world of wireless charging. The QI Wireless Charger by Aukey is one amount many but is smaller than we have previously seen. The charger comes with a small black circular charging pad and two USB cords (short and long for your preference).

The device sports two non-slip electric green rings on both the table side and charging side which function beautifully. However there are two downfalls to the device. It comes with USBs but no wall adapter and as always, standard QI receivers only work with QI enabled devices or ones with modified cases or sleeves.

You can use this with and of the phones that are currently QI enabled and you can also use it for iPhones as long as you get the QI adapter for it. This charger also has a built-in energy saver which means when your phone is done charging, the pad will automatically go into idle mode saving energy costs.

Overall, this QI charger is really reliable. Out of a lot of the other QI chargers we have tested before this Aukey one is of the cutting edge technology which allows for eliminating charging wires and adapters. All you have to do is plug the charger into the wall and lay your phone on the pad and let it charge!

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