Obliq Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case Dual Poly Bumper Series

This is the very first case I’ve reviewed for the Samsung Galaxy Edge S6. My biggest worry about this phone was having a case that would protect it. The screen extends on both sides so this was a major worry for me. To my amazement I was highly surprised by development and craftsmanship in this case.


The Dual Poly Bumber Series case protects the back all around and even had a lip so that the screen would never touch when put face down as well as a lip that protected the camera lens in the back. Each case come with three frames to choose from; white pearl, pink, and green emerald or gold platinum, satin silver and black sapphire. Each frame is a hard form-fitting shape that locks with the TPU (main case). Last, the inside of every case has a shock absorbing pattern. This pattern is scientifically designed to help absorb and disperse the impact of drops.


Final thoughts

Overall I really liked this case. My biggest worry was having a case that would lock to the Edge S6 and not fall off because of the curved glass. But the Dual Poly Bumper Series case locked to the Edge 6 right away and I never had a problem with it. I also dropped my phone (sadly) on accident. The phone actually fell high enough to the point that it bounced. There was zero damage to the phone, or the case. But, the one thing that I would change about the case is the material on the back. I personally think it’s extremely slippery and hard to hold on too. We would rate this case 4 out of 5 stars. 5 stars if the material on the back was changed.

If you would like to purchase this case you can find it HERE

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