Perfect unisex leather wallet case: Dock Artisan

All I can say is there was a fight. Eric and I both fell in love with the look and feel of the Wallet Case sent to us from Dock Artisan. The leather look was enough to get us both diving at the box on the floor (great picture right?) Well anyway, here’s what this baby looks like:


So the coolest thing isn’t just the leather wallet. No… there’s much more to this sporty case. The inside case is a magnet and a standalone case of its own. Take the iphone case out of the leather wallet for a pleasant surprise: MORE LEATHER. yummmy, yummy leather.

So the only thing we thought we’d mention is that this leather is a bit odd… it feels like suede but it scratches easily. The color comes off a bit at first on your hands and in the packaging as the leather must have some added color to deepen the look. I imagine if you ruffed it up a bit, the scratching would wear it and only add more character to the piece which would give it a worn and weathered look.

The metal grommet is nice because you can attach a wristlet band to it. The wallet piece has three holders for cards or a license and a back pocket to store money (you have to fold your bills though).

Overall I appreciate the aesthetic of the design a lot. The fact that the phone case is detachable from the wallet really appeals to me because some days you could feel like only carrying the phone case and using a separate wallet. It’s versatile and great looking 🙂 Eric won it in the end based on the fact that he’s using an iphone 5 at the moment… This would also make a great gift for a boyfriend 😉

Hey Dock Artisan, do you want to make a sport wallet for the Android Note 2?

Check out Dock Artisan and this case on Etsy, here.

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