Phantom Glass 2-Way Privacy Layer

I’ve reviewed so many different glass screen protectors that after the 4th or 5th one it just got down to whether or not the company was using quality glass. When we go the Phantom Glass we were excited because they finally had a feature to their glass screen that we have yet to see.

Phantom Glass runs their business with the slogan “the last screen protector you’ll ever need”, which I can say is completely true! Usually with the glass screens that we have tested before, they don’t cover the entire screen, and they sure are not scratch resistant.

Phantom Glass has the feature of a 2-way privacy layer. This allows you to see your screen perfectly head on, but when someone tries to look at your phone or tablet from the side it makes the screen dark and distorted. I personally like this because I have been in many occasions when I see someone looking over at my phone or tablet when I am texting or surfing the web. Having this 2-way privacy glass is the perfect way to block off people from looking at your personal phone/tablet.

What also makes this screen protector a lot better than the ones we have tested in the past is the ability to have proprietary acrylic border for Edge-To-Edge Coverage. Which means the glass covers every inch of the phone. This is perfect because you never see the glass especially when you have a case on there and the glass will never peel off.

The tempered glass is .02mm thick and is made with corning gorilla glass. This makes it one of the strongest glass screens on the market. The corning gorilla glass is also impact and scratch resistant. So on top of having something that will save your phones screen, you will practically never scratch of break this screen protector either.

Overall, I can easily say that these 2-way privacy glass protectors are the best ones that we have put both on my iPhone and my iPad. They not only give you the privacy from other looking at your device, but you also get the satisfaction of having something that will cover and protect every inch of the front of your device and a no hassle lifetime warranty.

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