I’m always wanting to print photos to hang in frames or give to family and friends, but printing on photo paper can be a confusing and distressing disaster. We thought that the VuPoint was an excellent solution to printing (especially for young people who are so connected to their smartphones!)

At first, the setup was a bit confusing. The app wasn’t cooperating with my iphone 4 at first but worked smoothly with Eric’s iphone 5. Once we got it going, we were happy with the result! Check out this photo of Eric and myself:


  • Quick photo printing solution
  • comes with ink/photo paper cartridge installed
  • free iphone/android printing app on appstore
  • high quality glossy photos
  • 4 x 6″ standard photo
  • connector to adapt iphone 5, ipads, adroids, etc.


  • not well adapted for iphone 5/5c (somewhat unstable phone jack…)
  • must buy specific refill cartridges

This would be a great gift! Get it on The Sharper Image website, here.

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