Power Support: Air Jacket Set

The Air Jacket Set is perfect for protecting the screen of the iPad as well as the back with the clear jacket. It’s light weight, easy to use and protects your iPad from harm. The case fits perfect and no gap or quality issues at all. Simply pop it on and you’re ready to go. The case has very little weight. The set also comes with a screen cover. The film that comes with is probably the best I’ve ever used and one of my favorites.


  • Lightweight
  • Protects the iPad
  • If dropped the case would protect the iPad from getting damaged
  • Screen cover protects the screen
  • Small and not bulky
  • Light
  • The screen cover is a little tricky getting on there but you can remove it and center it until you get the right spot
  • Also you can use the cloth wrapped around your fingers to push those air bubbles out of the way


I think this is a great product and fantastic that it comes with both the screen cover and the case cover for the back, It is much worth the buy!

This case also works with the iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad mini with Retina

You can buy this great product at Power Supports website at http://bit.ly/ipad-aj

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