Power Support: Kyoto Opal Film

While trying out this opal screen I thought it was a very unique idea and something I have never tried before. I think it makes the phone stand out and gives it character compared to other screen covers. However, I find the sparkles to be distracting and somewhat annoying after a while. Other then the sparkles the screen works great for protecting your phone.


• Protects the phone

• Gives your phone a unique personality

  • You can pick up the screen as many times as you want to get it centered
  • You can remove the bubbles by using the cleaning cloth wrapped around your finger and pushing the bubbles to the edge works


• Sparkles can get annoying/somewhat block and blurry the view

This Opal film cover is made of polyethylene terephthalate resin. The film has thinly sliced Kyoto Opal mixed throughout the film to give it its enchanting emerald look. When the display is on, the opal material has a very transparent eminence and does not restrict the screen display too badly. When the screen is off, the opal film shines brilliantly in different colors depending on the angle it is viewed from but is primarily brilliant shades of emerald green. Overall, this product varies based on the taste of the customer. If you tend to favor the flashy and fabulous, the Kyoto Opal Film might be perfect for your device!

You can find this great product at Power supports website at http://bit.ly/kyotofilm

Also If you need some tips on getting rid of those annoying air bubbles you can watch this video for some tips http://youtu.be/0mbEKydW-2g

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