PowerBot PB3211 3200mAh Universal Power Bank

I for one am a huge fan of external charger. And that is why I am always reviewing different types of chargers and encouraging people to buy them. After using your phone so much everyday your battery starts to drain a little faster than you would like. The PowerBot PB3211 is a 3200mAh Universal Power Bank External Back up Battery Charger w/ 1A USB Output, MicroUSB cable included + Aluminum Finish + Built-In Battery Indicator. This power bank is only 4 1/2″ long and less than 1″ in diameter. Making it incredibly compact! Fit it in your car, purse, backpack for your emergency battery backup.


This power bank has the capacity of 3200mAh. When you turn it on you will see LED light indicators that turns on when you plug in the device you want to charge. One full charge is good enough to charge your device from 0% to 100%. And can work with any smart phone device or tablets. The package includes a Power Bank, a USB cable to charge this power bank, and an instruction manual.

Final Thoughts

I really like how small the power bank is, it can fit anywhere and is perfect for that emergency charge. It’s capable to work with any smart phone or tablet. This is the perfect size both physical and battery size and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a onetime charge battery pack!

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