PowerBot PB5000 40W 8-Amp 5-Port Rapid Charger

The powerful PowerBot PB5000 rapid USB charger with Smart IC intelligently identifies the energy required to maximize the efficiency and performance to deliver the power to the devices effectively at minimum effort. The PowerBot PB5000 is perfect as the age of technology is growing. Most people now have multiple smart phones and tablets in homes and charging spots become sparse. The PB5000 is an essential tool for anyone with a few or a lot of modern gadgets. This desktop charger allows you to charge USB devices. It has 5 ports with a total of 40 watts or 8 amps of power. The PB5000 charger will automatically distribute the power based on the devices that you connect, so you shouldn’t have issues with overcharging or undercharging any particular device. It comes with a 5 foot power cable for connecting the device as well as a single micro USB cable.


  • Able to hold up to 5 charging devices simultaneously
  • Each USB port is equipped with built-in intelligent resister and detector to prevent the devices from over charge, short circuit, over heating while preserving the battery life of the media devices; allows it to be safely used with any USB devices.
  • Eco-friendly smart IC technology automatically selects the most efficient charging current to recharge the batteries with low energy consumption.
  • Compact, ergonomic, portable, and classy design to keep your desktop well organized and cable chaos-free.
  • Universal USB 5V port that is compatible with almost every smart phone, tablet, or computer

Final Thoughts:

After using the PowerBot PB5000, I have to say that I had no problems. Since I am extremely into technology, I have tons or smart phones and tablets and I’m always running out of spots that allow me to charge my devices. The PB5000 allows me to simultaneously charge up to 5 of my products at the same time and fully charge them within a reasonable amount of time. I can highly recommend the PB5000, its simple to use and very affordable.

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