Powermat Go power Day Trip

The Day Trip is a portable charging device that offers enough power to charge your smart phone throughout a day trip (one full charge)(perhaps a picnic in the park? Eh?).


  • Charges both the iPhone 5 and android
  • When charging the external battering the 4 lights will blink indicating how close it is to a full charge. (4 lights full charge)
  • A short press of the copper power button will brighten the LEDs and tell you how much charge you have left.
  • You can power the external battery with the PowerMat/ TravelMat or any wireless charging surface compatible with Powermat.
  • Can charge it with a computer
  • Doesn’t heat up
  • Fast at charging your phone
  • Up to a full extra phone charge
  • Compact to fit in your pocket
  • Charges 2x faster than a traditional USB battery


  • The charger is way too close to the phone. The cord isn’t long enough
  • Too hard to pull the charging cables out
  • Easily scratched and scuffed
  • Can’t charge it with a wall charger
  • USB/Off/ iPhone button is too hard to adjust
  • Only in black

Product specs:

  • Rechargeable 1850 mAh/ 6.845WH lithium- ion battery  with output of 5v DC/1A
  • Built in micro USB and lightning connectors
  • Rechargeable wirelessly of via USB cable
  • LED indicator for battery level
  • Ports: micro USB (in)


  • iPhone 5
  • Micro USB smartphones, such as Android and others


Overall, the Day Trip is worth the cash. We love being able to go out on an all-day adventure, whether it be paintballing or the Chicago Field Museum, and have power to take photos and tweet all day long. Go grab yours today at http://www.duracellpowermat.com/wireless-battery-backup/daytrip.html for $59.99.

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