Prop up your laptop with the AviiQ Pop-Up Stand!

The other laptop stand we got to try by AviiQ is the pop-up laptop stand. This is the same idea as the on-the-go laptop stand, but with no assembly required! This is a simple triangle configuration with three hylite metal slats connected by a silicon hinge. the stand flattens out for storage and pops open for use!

The only thing about this stand is that is doesn’t support the base of your laptop; it just kind of props it up on an angle. It does, however, still provide the same amount of ventilation and ergonomic support as the other AviiQ laptop stand we tested out.

The company recommends that you try to “break in the silicon” by placing a heavy weight on it for a day. Otherwise it doesn’t stay popped open and it can be difficult to prop up your laptop with both hands!

All around, I prefer the on-the-go version to the pop-up, but both are good solutions to keeping your laptop from overheating! Check out our video for a more in-depth review on the Aviiq laptop stand

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