Protect Your MacBook In Style With Gmyle

Well, the time finally came. Time for my second GMYLE case for my MacBook Pro.

But why would I need a new one when the first was so pleasantly awesome? Well, the sad truth is that I slipped while walking down my newly lacquered hard wood stairs and in doing so, my precious MacBook went flying through the air. Upon landing, I instantly feared for the life of my computer (which contains most of my life).

Style With Gmyle Macbook

I was surprised that, upon opening it, my computer was absolutely fine. HOW?!! I found myself pondering. It wasn’t until later in the evening that I felt a heavy piece of plastic in my palm while carrying my computer. The amazing GMYLE case had absorbed all the impact of the fall and only chipped in one corner. The rest of the case was still in tact! I kept that amazingly protective case on until I received the next one which I currently have on my MacBook.

I must say I am even MORE impressed with this one than the last! The texture of this matte wood print finish is absolutely spectacular! I can’t stop running my hands over the cool, smooth surface. Much like the last case, this also has ventilation holes and holes for the battery life lights. Though I haven’t dropped my computer (and I don’t plan to) while using this, I do think that this case is even better than the last. The raw wood image on the front is complimented by a matte black underside. I absolutely love the way it looks while I’m working in a corner coffee shop because, as we all know, I’m all about the aesthetics!


Best of all, this was incredibly easy to put on. There are directions in the package, but you really don’t need them. All you have to do is snap on the top and bottom of the case and you are good. The top is strong and made with some durable material so I feel confident it will protect my case. I also like how at the bottom of the case there are 4 feet in each of the corners. This is perfect because it will protect the bottom of my Mac from scratching.

I completely support and recommend GMYLE cases for laptop computers everywhere. They are easily clicked onto your computers facade and protect it from bumps, dents, scratches and apparently even drops!

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