RavPower Orbit QI Wireless charger

After finally getting the RavPower Orbit QI Wireless charger out of its box (its really hard to get out) I was extremely impressed. Its sleek and stylish design attracts you in. It’s small and compact so you can carry it in your pocket without it weighing you down. The fact you can tie the cord around the unit makes it look clean and neat. The only possible negative to this is that where the USB tucks under the unit, it cuts into the cord. Other than that its great device and I strongly recommend it!


  • LED indicator to know it’s on
  • The cord wraps around the device to make it neater.
  • Can plug it in your computer or the wall
  • Circle of grip to hold your phone in place
  • USB cord attaches its self under the charger for storage
  • Quickly and easily charge your phone or device


  • The cord tears where the USB tucks under the unit

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