These are the comfiest headphones I’ve tried. I should clarify, they are comfiest in respect to not knowing they are there! These headphones really feel like a headband because that’s what they are disguised as. The headband keeps your ears warm in cooler weather while providing speakers to listen to your favorite tunes.


  • Two-for-one: headband and earphones
  • comfortable
  • one size fits all
  • Flexible fabric 3mm cord


  • Earphones move around inside the headband
  • Sound quality isn’t consistent when speakers shift
  • Cord comes out the back of the band

Overall I felt like the band slipped a bit as I used it while running. I wish the cord came out the side instead of the back of the band. It is a great idea and very comfortable to sleep in and it’s also great for traveling.

Check it out here and buy it for $39.95. Looking for more running headphones? Check out the Yurbuds, here.

Thanks to RunPhones for sending us a free sample to try out and review.

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