Say goodbye to overheating with the AviiQ Laptop Stand!

The AviiQ “On-the-Go” Laptop Stand is one of those things you never knew you needed until you had it.

At first glance, this sheet of metal slats looks flimsy but once I figured out I could bend it without it breaking, I realized it was quite sturdy (so don’t let its light weight trick you)! The stand is simple: it bends and snaps into position and is easily undone to re-collapse and throw in a bag for school or work.

Once I set it up, I noticed immediately a greater comfort in my wrists. Obviously here at E-List Reviews, we do a lot of typing on our computers. The stand has an ergonomic design to improve wrist comfort. But more importantly, the stand elevates your laptop to allow better airflow below it and around the vents.

There was a huge improvement with the heat problem with my MacBook Pro. Often times after 45 minutes of work my laptop would begin to warm and even hot occasionally (longer work sessions). With this stand, this hasn’t been a problem since I started using it.

I would HIGHLY recommend this laptop stand for people with lap tops of any brand. Even if you haven’t experience laptop overheating, the stand will still prevent it from happening eventually and potentially protect the life of your device. Check out our video for a more in-depth review on the Aviiq laptop stand

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